sabato 30 novembre 2013

Purple is cooooool!

Good morning people! It's cold and it's snowing D: I dunno if I have to be happy or not, but I think I post this outfit! I hope you enjoy it!


Hair: Lelutka - Awe Hair Subscribe gift (you can find it in the first notice of history, I know, it's the same name of the group gift, but there are different hairs!)
Skin: Glam Affair - Vera Horror Edition (GG - Fee to join 30L$)
Eyes: SONG - Murky eyes (free)
Sweater: ((Hippo)) - Bohemian sweater - Dipped die purple (free on Marketplace)
Leggins: BohoHobo - Leggins (no more available D:)
Boots: Blackburns - Desiner Star Boots (free on Marketplace - HUD for change colors)
Necklace: =Zenith= - Ribbon Necklace (GG - free to join)
Scarf: Mutresse - Sequined Scarf (GG - free to join)
Shape: **Mafalda's** - Sayuri's Shape (not free - on Marketplace)


venerdì 29 novembre 2013


Today is really cold çwç and I went to the Christmas Market Event as Xewon suggestd me and I found a lot of cute gift. First of all I simply love that hair accessories! It's so lovely and Roman! xD And I finally found a Christmas tree! *really happy* Well, there are also legwarmes (mesh), free sweater, one pale skin, poses and a lot of freebies/dollarbies.
The event is open until December 24!

Hair: little bones - Dalliance (Group Gift - check in the notice 11/23)
Hair accessories: Persefona Mistletoe Wreath Gofd (free at Christmas Market Event)
Skin: Mother Goose - Lene (Lucky letter)
Scarf/Coat: (red)sand - 5000 members gift male (Group Gift - free to join)
Leggin: Bliss Couture - Closing Hunt Leggins #21
Iceskate: Aspen caben - Ice Skate (The dispenser is in the skybox)
Skybox: DaD Designs - Aspen Skybox Furnished (free for subscribers available in the main store at the price of 4999L$)


giovedì 28 novembre 2013

(r e d) Mint - Mafalda's

Hi all and welcome to my first ufficial promo xD
This is my first anniversary in the magic(?) world of the Marketplace and I never advertised my shapes, a lot of friends said me "Wow, your shapes are awesome! You must be famous!" but it's not easy, guys! xD
However, I take this opportunity to show the new group gift from Red Mint and my latest creation: Tera Curvy, a shape inspired by the role-playing game of the same name.

Hair: (r e d) Mint GG - old gift :(
Hair accessory: D!va - Group gift - 30.000 member (free to join)
Skin/Manicure: (r e d) Mint - new group gift!
Shape: **Mafalda's** - Tera Curvy Shape Marketplace (not free)
Erars/Tails: O.M.E.N. - Foxy erars/tails Earth colors (10L$ SPECIAL PRICE - limited time)
Teeth: O.M.E.N. - Teeth Monster F (10L$ - there are 5 teeth - SPECIAL PRICE limited time)


mercoledì 27 novembre 2013

RMK Photo Contest

(We used ChouChou Cinematic Hud - you can get for free at Memento Mori. This HUD doesn't edit the quality of the picture but adds black bars to your visual and slowing down the movements of the camera tools)

❖ Photo contest entry 01:

❖ Outfits: FN*Ribbon Cape Suit -for boys-[night]


Photo contest entry 02:

❖ Dress: +RMK*Wonderland*+Blue
❖ Book: DDD_Fairy tale book_Alice

❖ Typing Effect: +T*C+Alice in Wonderland Typing effect


❖ Photo contest entry 03:

❖ Hair: "+SD Lo*momo+" Muguet(Black)
❖ Dress: +RMK*Wonderland*+Blue
❖ Skull's Hair: +T*C+Hair*G01* Queen of heart

❖ Outfit: +RMK*Nekomen*CheshireCat*Male+


❖ Photo contest entry 04:

❖ Hair: "+SD Lo*momo+" Muguet(Black)
❖ Dress: +RMK*Lapin sur la colline+Purple


❖ Photo contest entry 05:

❖ Outfits: FN*dress suit [orange]


And... the backstage, I made it only for fun XD


Mafalda for RMK Photocontest!

The undertaker's sons

(We used ChouChou Cinematic Hud - you can get for free at Memento Mori. This HUD doesn't edit the quality of the picture but adds black bars to your visual and slowing down the movements of the camera tools.
Snapshot toke at RMK Gothic Sim for the photocontest.
Zily wears:
Outfit: RMK Halloween Event - FN prize
Bow: Frozen Night reopen gift
Mafalda wears:
Dress: Lo*Momo Alice Event at RMK
Hair: Lo*Momo - Group Gift)

Death is not a problem. Death is a job, death is your partner in life, death is a daughter, a sister, a mother. The two children knew it and they had learned to grow in that old shop that smelled of consecrated ground.
How many times had danced to the tune of a requiem? How many times had sung with a haunting and innocent smile and the words of the Dies Irae? The whole of their lives focused on a constant Lacrimosa, imperious and majestic.
As they passed everyone doffed their hats, they were the sons of the undertaker and as such they carried behind so many fears, so many suspects, many voices.
But once those whispering voices were right. The hands of an innocent child had been sold to the death in order to continue his work.
From house to house, from bed to bed, from street to street all life was severed at the end of the sand in the hourglass.
Which horror if not to see the death-child? Which horror if not to know that the love between brother and sister made ​​them accomplices? I don’t blame them, because they’re just waiting for you.

Dance for me

(Taken at RMK Gothic Sim for the photocontest

Mafalda wears:
Dress: Dimbula Rose - Alice Dress for Alice Event RMK)

Uno, due, tre…
Again... one more effort.
Uno, due, tre…
The road to get to the top was difficult and time consuming but if you really wanted to be able to cross the forest had to follow the light, sooner or later would be able to grasp that cloud that would take her away.
Alice, don’t look down, don’t let yourself be seduced by those sugared almonds, from the chatter and the ticking of the clock.
Take my hand and back to the surface…
Uno, due, tre…

I wish...

(I used ChouChou Cinematic Hud - you can get for free at Memento Mori. This HUD doesn't edit the quality of the picture but adds black bars to your visual and slowing down the movements of the camera tools.

Taken at RMK Gothic Sim for the photocontest

Mafalda wears:
Dress: Violent Seduction - Versailles (Death))

Just a dream, something that she would have really wanted to ...
She had woken up in the middle of the city but she couldn't remember who she was and where she lived. She looked at her clothes, sumptuous and beautiful. The black of her dress was regal as it was rich in gold embroidery that the bandaged the body showing off her beauty and grace.
With graceful step she began to look around, why she had the impression that he had never seen it that way the city?! Was she the same person?
The streets were invested by a thin fog that made the outlines of everything less clear and much more fascinating and ambiguous and, as pushed by a breeze, she crossed alone the city that seemed to be unaware of her presence and in the end her heart and her shoes carried her in front of an abandoned theater.
The skeleton of an imposing place where art had come to life so many times.
Uncertain and confused she entered taking care not to be injured by glass fragments upon the ground, on top of an old carpet left to rot in its colors and fascinating texture of old patterns.
There was no one but she thought he knew that place…
She had lived there, didn’t know when, didn’t know how... and she couldn’t remember why.
Suddenly a noise behind her made her wince, and turning she noticed that a crow was watching.
“Welcome back sister”, it said.
The beautiful girl didn’t seem to figure out if she was dreaming or if it was reality and she replied shyly, “I’m sorry, but… I don’t think you…”
The croaking of the raven interrupted the young girl and its echo resounded throughout the theater as a hoarse laugh.
“Oh young and silly sister, it’s normal that you don’t remember me… Your wish has been granted but it's been too long so that you may remember. At the end you're back home again my little girl. Did you like the world? Did you find anything? Have you known the reason for so much beauty?”
The girl tried to explain that she didn't remember anything and that the city seemed distant and deserted ... her legs wanted to take her to that place, but the Crow seemed to already know in advance her words and her thoughts and it just croaked a second time before opening the black wings like waiting for a hug.
Its embrace enveloped them, and a swirl of black feathers darkened the faint light that filtered through the broken glass, from which-after a moment-it was possible to glimpse two ravens fly away to a secret destination.

Good morning

 (Taken at RMK Gothic Sim for the photocontest

Mafalda wears:
Dress: Ambrosia Halloween Event prize
Hair: Lo*Momo - Group Gift
Monocle: AIR - Reopening gift)

Creatura spietata
dalle curve sinuose e dalle labbra fatte
di puro miele e veleno.
Lasci il mio cuore
sull'orlo di un baratro mentre
cerco disperatamente di non lasciarti tornare
nella mia fantasia.

Tu mi osservi con quell'aria da belva feroce
mentre io mi distruggo
sotto la gentile carezza dell'alba.
Ero io con te questa notte?
Il mio ardore non cede ma tu
mi conquisti ad ogni sospiro.

Sia dannato il giorno in cui
ho dato a te il mio cuore.

(Merciless creature
with sinuous curves and lips made
of pure honey and poison.
Let my heart
on the brink of an abyss while
I try desperately not to let you go
in my imagination.

You look to me as if you were a wild beast
while I destroy myself
under the gentle caress of dawn.
Did we sleep together last night?
My ardor doesn' t give in,
but you conquer me with every sigh.

Damn the day that
I gave you my heart.)

Shinigami’s waltz

(We used ChouChou Cinematic Hud - you can get for free at Memento Mori. This HUD doesn't edit the quality of the picture but adds black bars to your visual slowing down the movements of the camera tools.

Taken at RMK Gothic Sim for the photocontest

Mafalda wears:
Dress: Violent Seduction - Versailles (Death)
Glasses: AIR - Halloween Event 2013)

Zily wears:
Outfit: + RMK*Prince of Phantom + Halloween 2012)

“The moon is dark, and the gods dance in the night; there is terror in the sky, for upon the moon hath sunk an eclipse foretold in no books of men or of earth's gods…”
[H. P. Lovecraft - The Other Gods (1921)]


I have to admit that it wasn't easy take 5 pictures for simple reasons: the rules were clear and it was not provided any editing, so everything is focused on the subject and originality of the photo, or at least on the graphics and what that you had available on your viewer, then another significant factor was the "idea "... which could be the right idea for one (or in this case 5 ) picture?
No, you cannot even imagine how many snapshots I took these days! Different skies , projectors, different poses! I thought I was going mad ! However I managed to find a compromise with my brain and my creativity using a hud very useful and simple(?): Chouchou Cinematic HUD. This HUD is used primarily to replace the director for recording video in SL, but since it doesn't change the quality of the picture and does not add any graphic effect but applies only two black bars... well... why not? It seems impossible to believe that they are the same photos! But the only difference are the two black stripes!
I advise you to buy it, it's completely free and you can find it in Memento Mori, I invite you to try it in this fantastic region and you will love the ChouChou - HUD.


My favorite things :D

Gooooood morning peopleeee! :D I wanna be a priiiiincess (?)! No, I'm not drunk, I'm just happy and I dunno why :D

1) Color: Red (muaahsahdudhfdjnj.vzd red everywhere *-*)
2) Flower: Chrysanthemum (red.)
3) Animal: Quokka (It's adorable! <3)
4) Singer/band: Marilyn Manson
5) Book: Armand the Vampire - Anne Rice
6) Movie: Inception
7) Painting: Rosalba Paela - Rembrandt
8) Cold drink: Lemonade
9) Food: Pasta (I'm Italian, what else?!)
10) Hobby: theater
11) Look/Outfit: Casual :S
12) Song: In the Mood for Love - Yumeji's Theme, Sergei Trofanov
13) Number: 6
14) Place to go: Tokyo
15) Season: Autumn (because all is RED/orange *-*)

Kisseeeees <3

martedì 26 novembre 2013

Take my breath

Hair: D!va 30.000 group gift members (free to join)
Skin: JOMO - Halloween Skin Gift (0L$)
Necklace: AVON - Flower Diamond (GG - Free to join)
Eyes: SONG - Murky eyes (0L$)
Veil: Lika Ruby - Gold Veil (not free)



Sales from O.M.E.N!
Tail and fox ears, bunny ears and horns are all 10L.

❖ Hair: Exile - Precious
❖ Eyes: S0NG - (free)
❖ Skin: Glam Affair - Elvi
❖ Outfits: ::: B@R :::- White Mist
❖ Shoes: .::DMD::.
❖ Ears&Tails:  O.M.E.N - Kitsune (10L) TAXI
❖ Veil: +Lika Ruby+


domenica 24 novembre 2013

Steam Love

Hello and good morning to all!
Today I want a steam love! I always loved steampunk and I must show you my daily outfit.
Bare Rose has surprised me with Steam Ball, it's amazing with the material texture (and the top hat is AWESOME!). In the outfit are included the boots, wings and top hat!
So, my sl partner made those steam eyes! In my opinion both are amazing and they're really cheap! Only 5L$ each on marketplace!

Shape: Mafalda's Store - Sayuri's Shape (not free - on Marketplace)
Skin: DimbulaRose - Doll skin (Halloween lucky letter)
Hair: RosyMood - Daylily (Dark colors) (not free)
Outfit/boots/wings/hat: :::B@R::: - Steam Ball (not free)
Eyes: Mad Hatter's Workshop - Clockwork gold 5L$


lunedì 18 novembre 2013


This Cyberg avatar is totally free and includes other two different versions of the head, in the same store there is also a lucky letter that allows you to win the tiny version of this avatar.

❖ Complete Avatar: *K:K* KIMAMANA KIBUNYA - TAXI


domenica 17 novembre 2013

Scanning blue

Recently I fell in love with a new song and it inspired me for this photo.

❖ Hair: DURA - (free)
❖ Nails: +T*C+ - (free at RMK Gothic Sim)



Yay! It's sundaaaay! And I have no idea for my daily outfit! :C But don't be sad! I show you that elegant and sexy Zebra gown by .:GD:.! It's free to join and this dress is really awesome :3

Hair: Analog Dog - FREE BALL HAIR - Libra Splash (0L$ with hud for color change)
Skin: Mother Goose's - Nikki LB (free at Lucky board)
Dress: .:GD:. - Paris Dress Zebra (Group Gift - Free to Join)


venerdì 15 novembre 2013

Sweet Maids

This maid outfit is a gift for the renewal of the RMK sim and you can find it at the store Cadbury, but you need to RMK Sim Group activated. To find Cadbury click on the clock when you arrive and select the destination of the teleport.


❖ Hair: LaViere - Joana (60L$ fatpack)
❖ Dress: RokumeikaN - (GG)
❖ Shoes: +RUI+ - (lucky letter)
❖ Tail: {Lemon Tea}


❖ Hair: Exile - Precious
❖ Skin: Glam Affair - Elvi 06 - (Collabor88)
❖ Dress&Cap: RokumeikaN - (GG)
❖ Shoes: *G Field*
❖ Tail: {Lemon Tea}

♚ Zily & Mafalda

Urban Star

This morning I was bored and I started to read all the notice about the latest news, new store openings and so on... and I found a lot of nice things to be combined with each other.
To be honest I found a lot of gifts but I didn't know how to match them to create a particular style. My first idea was to combine the "Kawaii" style to the "Urban Rock", but the result did not convince me...
So I decided to keep a rocker style. I hope that you will appreciate it :3


Hair: Uw.St GroupGift 2012 - Silverwolf&Black (Free to join)
Skin: *MYUGLYDOROTHY* - Freebie Skin (0L$ at TOV KOREA)
Eyes: Chus! - Lune Lens in Vicodin
Necklace: ..The Lost.. - Just in time necklace (free)
T-shirt/Bra/Pants: DeJaaVu - Asha GG (check in the notice - free to join)
Jacket: Poised - Think Indie Jacket (Group gift - Free to join)
Boots: Blackburns - Sneakers Boots (free on marketplace)


giovedì 14 novembre 2013

Nageki no Mori


Hair: LaViere - Joana (60L$ fatpack)
Paler Skin: Chus! - Elemental White (0L$)
Eyes: Chus! - Cursed lens in Illusion (0L$)
Shirt: HPMD - Flower pattern (GG - Free to join)
Skirt: mon ami - marine hight waisted skirt navy (free at TOV KOREA)
Socks: Edelweiss - School Line socks (navy)
Shoes: Shiny Things - Zimmy Flats (free)

Pose: Chus! - Nicest Kids in Town Posepack (0L$)
Location: Chus! Store :3



Yesterday I was really tired and I didn't post this outfit. Well... Zily showed me the "new" RMK and in the little city around the main store I found a new gift from WTG: it's awesome! It's a fantastic necklace (and earrings), you must have it!

Then I went to FasterPussyCat and there are this catsuits, really really nice :3 So... take a look in the store: they are totally free.

Hair: LaViere - Joana Gift (60L$ Fatpack 45 colors)
Necklace: WTG - Opening gift #06 (0L$ at RMK)
Catsuit L/R: FasterPussyCat - Ziggy Catsuits Silver & Knit (0L$ both)
Sandals: GB - White Stones Sandals (GG - Free to Join)


mercoledì 13 novembre 2013


(I'm really tired today but I want to post this outfit)

Hair: LaViere - Joana Gift (fatpack 445 colors - 60L$)
Dress: [A.W] - cutedress (0L$ - at TOV KOREA)
Socks: Blacklace - Red Hiding Hood (300L$ complete outfit Marketplace)
Shoes: Shiny Things - Denim - Group Gift


martedì 12 novembre 2013


Hair: LaViere - Gift Joana (60L$ 45 colors - on Marketplace)
Skin: Mother Goose - Ariel (LB)
Shirt: [R] Allure - Orange Shirt - Group Gift (Free to Join)
Skirt: [mon ami] - marine hight waisted mini skirt navy (0L$ at TOV KOREA)
Boots: MODA - Work Boots Female (Free gift at Rockbelly Fair)

Background: Woman's face (free at TOV KOREA)



Finally I have LaViere's Gift: Joana! I know... 60L$... but this afternoon I changed my mind and I bought them. 45 colors... *orgasm* I LOVE MangoTango(?! LOL), Lavandar, Mint... well al the "strange" colors and this is my daily outfit, let's see the details:

Hair: LaViere - Joana Gift (60L$ for 45 colors! On Marketplace)
Skin: Mother Goose's - Nikki (LB - 0L$)
Headband: 2:00 - Ribbon Band Yellow (0L$ at TOV KOREA)
Jacket: *DUCKLING* - Jacket Gacha floral patter (0L$)
T-Shirt: A&C - Sweet Baby Sweter Lace (Old GG)
Pants: LavandaChic - Velvet Costee Pants (Free to Join)
Shoes: MODA - Work Boots Female (Free at Rockbelly Fair)

Background Pattern: [RD] Roosvelt Wall Decal (0L$ - at TOV KOREA)


Artificial angel

When you arrive to the land to take the skin and wings go into the street and turn left, upstairs of the structure you will find a room with a lot of boxes with free items.

❖ Hair: .:: KMH ::. - (lucky letter) TAXI
❖ Skin: *MY UGLYDOROTHY* - (free) TAXI
❖ Wings: box free - TAXI


sabato 9 novembre 2013

*LpD* Group Gift

*LpD* Group gift: 7 scarfs MESH! It's free to join! Don't miss it!

Meli Imako & Blackburns

Recently I discover Blackburns' store and he has a lot of free shoes... They're AWESOME! They are perfect and free! OMG FREEE!!FREGTRH!
Well... I found also a pair of strange leggins and how you can see they look very good.


Hair: Mina hair - Spice Ombre Boho gift (I changed the color) (no more available)
Make up: *LpD* - *Liaé Special Edition (0L$)
Jacket: Meli Imako November Gift (0L on Marketplace)
Pants: Blackburns - Pants leggins (0L$ on Marketplace)
Boots: Blackburns - Pony No-heels (0L$ on Marketplace)



Today I was at EMO-tions' Store and I found a new GG, it's an interesting pose with hair but I tried to use it for something different and this is the goal: a super artistic photo. I must tell you: I haven't PS or similar and I don't really like who use it for change TOTALLY his/her snapshot. I think if you use PS it's only for contrast, shadows, color effect etc etc, not for a cosmetic surgery.
Well... this is what I did :3 and I really love it.


Pose: EMO-tion - New Group Gift (Free to join)

Skin/that stuff that orbits around me: "Listen..." Hot Column - Alpha.tribe (It's a prize, no... it's not a hunt, but it's a game about sound. I found it VERY interesting -and hard- you can find it at Topophonia: Four Realizations in Sound  - HUMlab (75, 221, 1085) )

Gloves: [Plastik] - TDTH 4.0 0L$ ("Extra")

Suits: [Gothica] Group Gift (Free to join)

Boots: R E D - Boots mesh (0L$ On marketplace)

Hair: KMADD - Vig Group Gift (When I joined it was free, I dunno if it is always free :S sorry)


venerdì 8 novembre 2013

Blue roses

❖ Hair: *Dura* -*Boys&Girls*48
❖ Skin: Glam Affair - Elvi 06 - (Collabor88)
❖ Eyes: Chus! - (free)
❖ Roses: ***Ambrosia*** - (Mini Kawaii Hunt)



This is the new MAAI's group gift! It's really cute and sweet! Hurry up to get it, join to group is free!



At Coepio there are a lot of Group gifts for male! :D They're awesome and join is free! I suggesst you to don't miss this occasion!

(If you can't reach the store, fly fly fly D:


giovedì 7 novembre 2013


New free eyes at the store Chus!
They are six in all and limited edition to celebrate 100 followers on tumbrl.

❖ Eyes: Chus! - (free) TAXI
❖ Hair accessory: *...Silvery K.* - (group gift)
❖ Hair: DURA


Gothica - Plastik

I was hunting and I found [Gothica] (later I noticed there it was already passed the legendary Xanthe :D). In the store there are a lot of group gift and a lot of lucky letters! How could I resist to not to take everything? Impossible! And so here's my daily outfits.



Skin: New Faces - Group Gift (Free to join)
Eyes: Chicaboom! - Blue Green eyes (1L$ - Marketplace
Undershirt: [R Allure] - Devious Strapless Corset (GG - Free to join)
Corset: [Gothica] - Gothic corset Mesh *Green* (GG - Free to join)
Gloves: [Plastik] - Extra from TDTH 4.0 (0L$)
Miniskirt: [Plastik] - Extra from TDTH 4.0 (0L$)
Boots: [Plastik] - Extra from TDTH 4.0 (0L$)


Hair: Monso - Khaleesi - Natural pack II (350L$)
Collar mesh: BB - Collar Grey (No more available :C)


mercoledì 6 novembre 2013

8 bit

Almost everything that I wear are the prizes of The Dirty Turkey Hunt, it's free and with 100 prizes to search.
The glasses are fabulous I'm in love with them!

❖ Hair: Magika - Awake
❖ Skin: .Salt - TDT Hunt
❖ Tattoo: :::insanya::: -TDT Hunt
❖ Hairclip: What I Dreamed - TDT Hunt
❖ Glasses: etham - TDT Hunt
❖ Shirt: .:DuckNipple:. - TDT Hunt
❖ Gloves: [Plastik] - TDT Hunt
❖ Skirt: -TDT Hunt
❖ Stockings: .Salt - Group gift
❖ Boots: [Plastik] - TDT Hunt



In my opinion this crown of thorns is AMAZING! And Aitui's jacket has a hight level of quality but only with shadows/lights on. Finally I think TDTH has a lot of awesome prizes, as Plastik, Pekka and others from famous stores.
The only downside are the shoes / pants: in spite of everything there doesn't seem to be a way to hide the separation between the foot and pants.
Well, let's see all my outfit details:

Hair: Analog Dog - Spash (Beach ball - FREE - there is an HUD to change color)
Blush: Pekka - Dollarbie Gift (1L$)
Crown of Thorns: Pekka from TDTH 4.0 (0L$)
Jacket: AITUI  from TDTH 4.0 (0L$)
Pants: Plastik from TDTH 4.0 (0L$) [Extra gift - includes pumps/boots/gloves)
Shape: Mafalda's Store - Megan Fox's Shape (not free - on Marketplace)
Skin: Glam Affair - Lulu 02 Red (no more available)


lunedì 4 novembre 2013

Dirty Pillows

So many hunts in a few days! The Dirty Pillows Hunt is free and there are a lot of prizes, if you want to see the prizes and the stores participating here is the blog with previews.
The lingerie of ''{ RoA }'' was the exclusive prize for the last Bunny Hunt.

❖ Hair: DURA
❖ Shirt: *Edelweiss* School-Line Sailor Shirts - sky

❖ Headband: *:... Silvery K.:* - (group gift) TAXI
❖ Shoes: S@BBiA:: - (lucky letter) TAXI
❖ Stockings and lingerie:  ''{ RoA }'' - not avariable anymore ):
❖ Skybox: Lo*momo - (group gift) TAXI
❖ Pillows: (BEAN) - (TDP Hunt)


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