venerdì 31 gennaio 2014

Dolls, old charm and new reality

A salt doll journeyed on earth 
thousands of miles, till she came 
finally to the sea. 
She was fascinated by the strange mass 
moving, completely different from anything 
she had seen in her life. 
"Who are you?" Asked the salt doll
to the sea. 
The sea, smiling, replied: 
"Come and see." 
Thus the doll advanced in the sea. 
And more she was walking in the sea 
more she melted, 
until very little remained of her. 
Before that last piece 
dissolved, the doll exclaimed in wonder 
"Now I know who I am."
[Bambola di sale - Jho]

Fantasy worlds, childhood's perfumes, the slight noise of a complicit laughter. The world of dolls has always fascinated generations thanks to the strange fragility and glass eyes that seem to know everything and anything. Rich clothes or naked porcelain, each one is unique and valuable just for its little girl, for those who have always loved these toys because they have developed the greatest fantasies of any child, the little princess and her little people with glass eyes always open, always silent and sweet, then these faithful companions are being left behind and abandoned to an eternal slumber until it returns to childhood passion that makes us sigh.
You wondering what they got to do the dolls of our childhood in a virtual reality. The connection is very strong because in reality we are the puppeteers of that avatar, that doll, creating stories, relationships, friendships with other puppeteers.
The imaginary world of children emerges when we were in a parallel reality that connects people from miles and miles away, intangible but nonetheless real, and make us breathe (albeit in different ways) the air of a time. And for those more melancholy can revive and show to all your doll, there's only a place to find those little pieces of porcelain and colored glass eyes, it's exciting and outstanding the idea that little body can contain: an avatar becomes a doll, a fiction that wearing the clothes of fiction.
Of course many don't share the idea of creating and shaping their own avatar as an allegory, but we have to recognize the deep bond that develops in these three elements: reality - virtual - mask.
Surely COCO Design has captured the elegance and mystery of old dolls proposing a second small world inside SecondLife, conquering not only its feminine customers but also the masculine with a style sometimes sweet and childish or more bleak and disturbing, because you know, not all the dolls can have the same sweet and reassuring smile or a dress of lace, but they can hide something very ambiguous.
And here is the winning horse of COCO Design, it has combined these two points in a single creation, pulling the strings of these puppets has become a pleasure even virtual, which contains not only style and love for the vintage but also something deeper that binds and emphasizes the link between those who are on the other side of the keyboard and your virtual alter ego.


(report for MVL Magazine)

giovedì 30 gennaio 2014


My new shape, available on my mp!
Hair - new group gift EMO-tions (free to join)
Skin: Tableau Vivant (Christmas group gift)

Pure Heart

❖ Hair: *Dura*
❖ Head: - M3 Mesh Anime Head
❖ Eyes: {SmexyL} M3 Fantasy Eyes - (free) MARKETPLACE
❖ Hoody: [monso] - TAXI
❖ Top: SLX - (part of outfit) MARKETPLACE
❖ Shorts: Iffyta
❖ Socks: RUT
❖ Camera: Tee*fy - (gacha)
❖ Cookie: ::Static:: - (free) TAXI


sabato 25 gennaio 2014

Too cute to be evil

❖ Hair: [taketomi]
❖ Head:  M3 Mesh Anime Head 
❖ Eyebrows M3 Mod: [ma ko pa] - MARKETPLACE L$9
❖ Outfit: ::: B@R :::  Flat Gloxxel Lady
❖ Stockings: *Edelweiss* - (free)
❖ Shoes: (lucky letter) TAXI
❖ Wings: << R-L >> - (free) MARKETPLACE
❖ Blindfold: +SOMALI+ - TAXI

♚ Zily

venerdì 17 gennaio 2014

Hello. My name is Indogene

Shape: *Mafalda's* - Inazumi's Shape (10L$ @ Marketplace)
Eyes/Face Tattoo: *By Snow* - Indogene eyes (FREE)
Skin: Glam Affair: Mokatana Petal (GG - 30L$ to join)
Lipstick: Tilly - Multicolored Lipsticks (free @ Marketplace)
Hair: [e] - Spark (essential color) (no more available)
Bodysuit: VRSION - Konvert Female
Boots: R E D - Black Boots (free @ Marketplace)


giovedì 16 gennaio 2014

The world of dreams

Hi all and good morning! Today I'm a mermaid and this is a wonderfull land! *-* I tell you a secret: I don't like green/lime color but I won that mermaid tail at !dm store (gacha prize for 75L$) and I finally found a perfect location for an awesome photo *-* I love the contrast between the blue and the acid green, it's absolutely perfect!
Let's see all the deatails!

Shape: *Mafalda's* - Inazumi's Shape (10L$ @ Marketplace)
Skin: Glam Affair - Mokatana Petals (GG - fee to join 30L$)
Hair: Chemestry - Sirena Hair HUD2
Tail: !dM - Mermaid Tail color Lime (gacha prize - 75L$)
Horns: AII - Coral Witch Headress (10L$)



lunedì 13 gennaio 2014

My strength, my courage

Yay! I'm happy :3 This is a wonderful time for me for several reasons but I'm here to show you my daily outfit!
Skyrim mood :D I hope you like it!
You can find it in Dawn of Empires' group, check notice please and you find it. It's all mesh and it's really realistic and with this armor you can start a fantasy adventure!

Armor: Dawn f Empires - The Amazonian Warrior (free - gg check notice)
Sword: Blacburns - Mesh medieval sword (free on Marketplace)

Location: Aliria - Yggdrasill


venerdì 10 gennaio 2014

Genevieve's lullaby

I'm in love with this hair <3 They are perfect for my medieval outfits *-*
(Oh well, saturday will be my theatrical performance! I'm the director and I'm so excited! If you want to wish me good luck in Italy we have to say "shit shit shit!"

Shape: *Mafalda's* - Inazumi's shape (10L$ @ Marketplace)
Skin: Glam Affair - Mokatana petal (GG - 30L$ to join)
Eyes: IKON - GG (free to join)
Hair: Calico Hair: Genevieve2 Light Reds (200L$)
Flower Crown: BOOM - Nature Crown Teal (50L$)
Dress: Suki's Silken Fashions Dark Forest Holiday Gown (Medieval Fantasy XI hunt gift)

Location: Imaginaria


mercoledì 8 gennaio 2014

Marionettes's Princess

This year I bought for you the Marionettes's Princess, she's pure and white as the first winter snow. 
Be careful to not break her heart

❖ Hair: [elikatira] (not avariable anymore)
❖ Skin: Glam Affair - (GG 30L to join)
❖ Make-up: The Horror! (past GG)
❖ Lipstick: JM:Mai - free TAXI
❖ Eyes: IKON - (GG)

❖ Dress: .: Somnia :.
❖ Veil: +Lika Ruby+
❖ Crow: [Whisbox]
❖ Heart: + Aii ~ The Ugly and Beautiful + (same store for the ribbons)
❖ Ribbons: free gift packages (I copied and mod a ribbon and it's also tintable, but I don't remember which pack is) TAXI
❖ Marionette controls: Curio Obscura

♚ Zily

Ancient hideaways

Good afternoon! This is my daily outfit! (I really love Calico's hair *-*)

Shape: *Mafalda's* - Inazumi's Shape (10L$ on Marketplace)
Skin: Glam Affair - Lulu 2 BR
Eyes: IKON - Oxidium Green (old ggg - but there's a new gg!)
Hair: Calico Hair - Aaliyah 2
Outfit: Luas - Phanter outfit GG
Collar: *FF* - Rathnia (old hunt gift)
Shoulder fur: Color.Me.HOF - Anja Fus Shoulder grey (no more available)


martedì 7 gennaio 2014


Good evening to all! Yes. I love cosplay and I love Belial from Angel Sanctuary. Well, this is my awesome daily outfit!


Shape: *Mafalda's* - Inazumi's Shape (10L$ @ Marketplace)
Hair: Dura Hair - Girl 31 Chocolate (180L$)
Tattoo#1: Nuuna - Holidays Gift fatpack (0L$)
Tattoo#2: Pekka - Blush & Beauty Mark (1L$)
Shirt: COCO - BowShirt White (old free)
Jacket: COCO - Military Cardigan Black (old free)
Hands: DRD - DemonHands Female (60L$)
Hat:  Nao Blackburns - TopHat Coffins (old free)
Corset: Violent Seduction - Cage Dress (400L$)
Pose: Bare@Rose - Free Pose


venerdì 3 gennaio 2014

Like a dance in my dreams

Good morning and happy new year to all of our followers! I hope you had fun in last days and I wish you have a great year!
Today I want to talk about art and fashion, as you always know SL is the world where art and fashion meet each other and become one only thing.
There are a lot sl-designers who create authentic works of art, result of their eccentric and imaginative mind or their innate talent. Since I registered on Second Life I have always tried fancy clothes and accessories but not strange, rather eccentric and original, now you think "you want something like Lady Gaga or similar", no, it's not correct (but I love Lady Gaga <3) I always was looking for unique and wonderful creations. We must be realistic, make clothes or accessories or anything complex or strange about Second Life is not so simple, you must have a great knowledge of the resources available and a large dose of patience as well as fantasy.
For example Boudoir creates always gorgeous outfit, no one can reproduce its style and if it tries does not get the same result. Each of its dress is a work of art that seems to be realized fully in the SL's 3D world. Browsing around I found out that the owner of Boudoir doeth its work on paper and, in my opinion, with great success.
Mainly you can find complex burlesque corsets or eccentric formal dresses or elegant lounges adorned with beautiful roses and how to forget unlikely hair cuts as fantastic and similar to those of intriguing tales?
Owning something Boudoir is a must, not because of the factor "high price - high quality" but for the genius that is in each one of them.
There is also a small area devoted to sales and group gifts, the group membership is free and I recommend you visit the land and any setting!

Hair: Alice Project - Advent Calendar 2013.12.9 (available in store for 50L$)
Skin: Glam Affair - Mokatana - Petal (Group Gift - 30L$ to join)
Eyes: BySnow - Doll eyes (1L$)
Shape: *Mafalda's* - Inazumi's Shape (10L$ - on Marketplace)
Outfit: Boudoir - Snowflake Fairy Ballet Dress (Group Gift - free to join)
Shoes: Isis - SPH #51 (hunt gift - free on store)


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