lunedì 30 dicembre 2013

Touch me, play me.

Hi all! This is my last post for this year! I love this eyelashes by #7 *-* I forgot them in my inventory (LOL) and this is the result!
I hope you like my daily style, let's see the details!

Shape: *Mafalda's* - Inazumi's Shape (10L$ on Marketplace )
Skin: GlamAffair - Christmas Group Gift (fee to join 30L$)
Hair: MiaMai - Sakura hair TealParty (gg - free to join)
Tattoo: #7 - Touch me, play me but don't violate me (1L$)
Eyelashes#1: #7 - Clix Lashing (49L$)
Eyelashes#2: LaRosa - Eyelashes (Christmas Advent)
Corset/belt: LpD - Candy top (Wonka's Hunt - 0L$)
Pants: The Secrets Store - Skinny Chocolate Pants (free - hunt)
Shoes: GB - Gladiator Sandals (gg - free to join)

We see in the next year!


venerdì 27 dicembre 2013


Group Gift by Shallow! Man & Woman skin! *-* Hurry up

(On her:
Shape: Mafalda's - Inazumi's Shape (10L$ on Marketplace)
Hair: MIAMAI - Group Gift (free to join!)
Eyes: IKON - Spectral Eyes (GG - free to join)

On him:
Shape: Mafalda's - Dragqueen Shape (special price, 99L$ on Marketplace)
Hair: Wasabi - Teeloh Browns MAN (280L$)
Eyes: Shallow - Eyes mesh (GG))


Enfant Terrible

There is elegance? Yes, I think so. The slow and sensual movement of a hand, the sound of fabric that slips away from the skin...
The tinkling of a jewel and the lipstick stain on the collar of his shirt...

Skin: Glam Affair - Mokatana (Group Gift - fee to join)
Eyes: IKON - Spectral eyes (Group gift - free to join)
Shape: *Mafalda's* - Inazumi's Shape (10L$ - on Marketplace)
Dress: .Enfant Terrible. - Evening Glam gown (Christmas Gift!)
Necklace: WTG - Holy Gold Necklace (POE6 Hunt - free!)
Hardpiece: Calico Hair - Eira Headpiece (free - NWSH)

Location: Gehena Vampire Clan


mercoledì 25 dicembre 2013

Glam Affair & Calico!

Hiya! And merry Christmas! I eat a lot and I roll near my desk çwç btw... I fall in love with my new skin! Glam Affair made a great job! This is the new group gift! I remember you that the group join costs 30L$ and there are 2 kind of skin, one with red lips and this one very "winter style".
Then I went to Calico Mainstore for a hunt for the NWSH and... and... *dead* I have no words about Eira! ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! The lilies and the headpiece are amazing and in the hud you can change what do you want! A great Christmas gift! xD

Shape: *Mafalda's* - Megan Fox's Shape (not free @ Marketplace)
Skin: Glam Affair - Mokatana Petal (Group Gift - fee to join 30L$)
Hair/Headpiece: Calico Hair - Eira (free - NWSH Hunt)
Eyelashes: Maitreya - Eyelashes (Group Gift - free to join)
Necklace: WTG - Reopening Gift #6 (free - @ RMK Gothic)


martedì 24 dicembre 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of us!
I would post another pic (very very LOL xD) but this is better, trust me!


Hair: Tameless - Harmony Naturals (Group Gift - free to join)
Shape: *Mafalda's* - Megan Fox's Shape (not free but it's on sale - @ Marketplace )
Bow: JD Design - Bow Gift (group Gift - free to join)
Bodysuit: *COCO* - Bodysuit (Red) (All Outlet items are FREE! Hurry up!)
Necklace: WTG - Holy Gold Set (POE6 Hunt - free)
Bracelets: Centopallini - Gold Bracelet (Group Gift - free to join)
Feet - Meli Imako - Lady Feet Vanilla (Free on Marketplace)


lunedì 23 dicembre 2013

Combo Free!

Hi all and happy holidays! Christmas is very close and I don't want to abandon you for these holidays, so I show you 3 different styles FREE! :D
Let's see all the details!

Hair: Rosy Mood - Swirly (Floral Bow) (FREE - @ Santa Claus Hunt
Dress: The Secret Store - Jezibell Dress (FREE - @ The Secret Store - Hunt item)
Socks: *MC* - Heart Tight Black (FREE)
Shoes: Tee*fy - Oleander Pointed Shoes ( FREE - @ The Secret Store - Hunt Item)

Hair: EMO-tions - Christmas Advent 23 (Need Group)
Shirt: [coepio] - Christmas Advent 23 (Need Group)
Pants: [coepio] - Christmas Advent (past gift)
Shoes: *COCO* - Outlet items are all FREE! (Gotta catch em all! xD)

Hair: Laviere - Ella Soft Caramel (FREE @ The Secret Store - Hunt Item)
Undrshirt: *COCO* - Outlet (it's all free!)
Jacket: *COCO* - Outlet (it's all free!)
Pants: *COCO* - Outlet (it's all free!)
Shoes: *COCO* - Outlet (it's all free!)
Earrings: S*MESH - LQ Earrings (FREE! - @ Marketplace)

*Shape: *Mafalda's* - Inazumi's Shape - 10L$ on Marketplace*


domenica 22 dicembre 2013

Fishy Strawberry Gift

Hi all and good evening to all our followers! Today I show you this cute daily outfit! I was at Fishy Strawberry and in SOM History I found this free outfit (fur stole and pants) and in the freebies corner there are a "fat pack" of this shirt.
My hair are free at EMO-tions' Christmas Edvent and I really like it, I always loved curly hair *-* (It remembers me a blonde version of Armand from Vampire Chronicles xD)

Fur Stole/Pants: Fishy Strawberry - SOM 23th Dec Gift
Shirt: Fishy Strawberry - Starry Night Top (free)
Shoes: GB - Gladiator Sandals (GG - free to join)
Shape: *Mafalda's* - Inazumi's Shape (10L$)
Skin: My Ugly Dorothy - freeaat TOV KOREA
Hair: EMO-tions - Christmas' Advent gift 22 girl
Necklace: .::DD::. - Snowfall Necklace (gift)


venerdì 20 dicembre 2013

*-* I love it!

I finally found the kimono of my life. I love the color red and I was looking for at least a year, something like that. I was with Zily in front of NONKO's lucky letters and I was bored when  I decided to visit all the stalls. Well, I saw this kimono and it was love at first sight. I tried the demo and I didn't hesitate to buy it. It is too beautiful! (The kimono is on sale!)
I bought also the hair accessory for 150L$ and geta are free at Sakka's Studio, obviously I won the skin at Mother Goose (hoarang)!

Free (0-10L$):
Tabi: Sassa's Studio - Free geta
Eyes: Banpaia - Unnatural eyes [violet] (free on Marketplace)
Skin: Mother Goose - Hoarang (LB)
Shape: *Mafalda's* - Inazumi's Shape (10L$ on Marketplace)

Kimono & Head accessory:
Silvery - Rinzu (30% on sale!)
Silvery - Head dress Japon (red) 150L$

Enjoy it! *-*

giovedì 19 dicembre 2013

Kawaii concert!

Hello guys and girls! This is our daily outfits! We hope you enjoy them!
We wear al from COCO Design, all Outlet's items are FREE! There are a lot shirts, pants, jackets, accessories and shoes FREEEEEEEEEEEEE! *-* Hurry up!

Goodnight <3


mercoledì 18 dicembre 2013

Peace on Earth 6 - Guy outfit

Jacket: POE6 Hunt - B&W Orange Leather (0L$)
Pants: coepio - Christmas Advent 18th - need group (free to join)
Shoes: Blackburns - Mesh All Stars colorable


martedì 17 dicembre 2013

I'm watching you!

Hair: EMBW - Epsilon Hair (Lucky board)

Hair: IrEn - new Group gift! Free to join!

Sailor Fuku: Edelweiss School line (not free)


sabato 14 dicembre 2013

Pure White

Hello to all our friends! I hope you have a great weekend and now I show you this gorgeous gift from Gizza! I really love it!

Horns: Gizza - Xmas gift (available at Jewerly & Accessory Expo)
Paler effect: Chus! - Elemental White
Skin: My Uglydorothy - freebie at Tov Korea (you can find it in the 2nd floor of the "commercial" neighborhood)
Shape: *Mafalda's* - Inazumi's Shape (10L$ still available 15 items on Marketplace)


venerdì 13 dicembre 2013

In the highest tower...

Long long time ago there was a young girl with long blond hair and a delicate and sweet face such as an angel and a witch became insanely jealous of the girl to the point of making her prisoner in the highest tower lost in an enchanted forest.
"No one will ever see you again, so I'll always be the most beautiful!" said the wicked witch and the beautiful maiden never ceased to hope in the arrival of her eternal love, the one who would not have been victim to the charms of the witch and that she would be released and taken away from that prison.

Freebies details:

Wicked witch:
Dress: The White Armory - Group Gift
Skin: Amacci - POE6 Hunt gift

Hair: Iren - Gretel (Group Gift - Free to join)
Eyes: ::sp:: - Sky Eyes (free on Marketplace)

Not free:

Wicked witch:
Hair: Lelutka - Jasmine Hair

Dress: Fables - Fleur de sis
Flower's crown: *Boom* - Nature's Crown - Gacha (50L$)


Happy Holidays

Pulover: ::K:: - Fringe pullover chinared (group gift - free to join)
Skirt: [mon ami] - Bona skirt blue (luckyboard - need group)
Socks: Edelweiss - free school socks (0L$)
Boots: DRD - Christmas group gift (free to join)
Shape: *Mafalda's* - Inazumi's Shape Limited edition (10L$ on Marketplace)


giovedì 12 dicembre 2013

Meet your Master

Many of the things I wear are no longer available, or they were the prize of hunts, but I created this look inspired by Year Zero (Year Zero is the fifth studio album by American industrial rock act Nine Inch Nails, released on April 17, 2007). 
To inspire me to these photos was my favorite song of this album, "Meet your Master" and you can listen to the song at the bottom of this post.

❖ Hair: (Chemistry) - Sirena
❖ Skin: Glam Affair - Elvi
❖ Eyes: {S0NG} 
❖ Make-up: The Horror! - (past GG)

❖ Hoodie: Apricot Paws
❖ Top&skirt: ::: B@R ::: TartanTartan RB Boy (blue)
❖ Pants: R.icielli - (past hunt at the store)
❖ Shoes: DRD - (lucky letter)

❖ Headband: .Mes Sucreries. - (past hunt)
❖ Glasses: Kumaki Glasses Style - (past hunt)
❖ Mask: past GG from Fabulously Free

❖ Poses: Label Motion - (free)


Coepio - Castiel

Hello guys, today I have no idea for my daily outfit but every day Coepio gives awesome Christmas advent gifts to group members and last night I was at Castiel store and I found some cute gift as this dress.
Let's see photo's details:


Hair: Lelutka - Rush hair (fatpack - SOM gift)
Shirt: [coepio] - Mr. Laugh - Xmas Advent (need group - free to join)
Pants: [coepio] - Mr. One - Old Gruop Gift
Shoes: Blackburns - Mesh Hi-tops White colorable (0L$ on Marketplace)
Pose: Label Poses - free gift


Hair: little bones. - Dalliance Mousse (group gift - check in notice)
Dress: Castiel - Christmas Gift 1 - Turtle Neck Dress
Boots: Hollywood - Mesh Brown Suede Ziphora Boots (group gift - free to join)
Bag: Hollywood - Sak Bag (group gift - free to join)


mercoledì 11 dicembre 2013


Dress: Somnia - Celestial Lace Blue (Free with store credit, need join to group)
Eyes: Mafalda&Mad Hatter's Workshop - Eclipse (5L$ On Marketplace)
Shape: **Mafalda's** - Inazumi's Shape (10L$ limited quantity - On Marketplace
Tiara: Avon - Tiara (SOM gift)


It's too cold...


Coat: Meli Imako December Gift - Free on Marketplace
Earscuff: *AGRACE* - Ear Muffs (free)


martedì 10 dicembre 2013

Peace on Earth 6 - Celestina's

Hiya! :D
I finally found Celestina's hunt gift for POE6 Hunt! :D I really really love that wedding gown! It's lovely and delicate!
If you wish to find it it's very easy but I cannot say anything 8D
(Oh, it's freeeeeee!!!)



Busy Style

Hello my dears! I'm so sorry if I didn't post anything in this period but I'm very busy in RL! I'm the director of two theatre and I have no time because of we're preparing a show.
Well, this is my daily outfit, I simply love my new hair! *-* I always loved reds but this is AWESOME! 50 tones with 250L$ at Chemistry! (Please try demo version! :3) And I love LaVanDa's style!
But let's see daily details!

Hat: RONSEM - J Hat (mesh) ((GG - free to join))
Hair: Chemestry - Sirena hair (HUD2) ((not free))
Blouse: LaVanDa - New Group Gift ((Free to join))
Pants: LaVanDa - Velvet Costee Pants ((past gift))
Shoes: HollyHood - Shoes Nude ((old hunt))
Bag: LaVanDa - Poe6 gift (It's really easy to find it :3 hint in the store!) (FREE)
Glasses: PurpleMoon - Nude Glasses (Old gift)

** Song of the day **


mercoledì 4 dicembre 2013

Mohna Lisa for POE6


Dress (bra included): Mohna Lisa Couture - Allure Mesh (free - POE6 Hunt)
Skin: [BLUSH] - RAE Skin (free - POE6 Hunt)
Hair: Analog Dog - Bayou Light Reds (free ball on the beach)
Bracelet: Dahlinks - Dreamtime Unisex Bracelets (free - POE6 Hunt)
Shoes: GB - Stone Sandals White (Group Gift - free to join)


Orange winter?

Skin: Mother Goose's - Nikki (free - Lucky Letters)
Shape: *Mafalda's* - Sayuki Shape (not free - available in Marketplace)
Hait/earscuff: *ARGRACE* - Ear Muffs (free)
Shirt: Bella's Lullaby - Longk Hem Tank (group gift - free to join)
Coat: Bella's Lullaby - Parka Plaid (group gift - free to join)
Leggins: Bliss Couture - Leggins Red Closing Hunt (free)
Boots: =MODA= - Work Boots (free - past gift)


martedì 3 dicembre 2013


Small break from the POE Hunt for showing another hunt and some free gifts. This is the Invitation Only Hunt and it's already start, of course it is totally free.

❖ Hair: TRUTH - subscriber gift
❖ Eyes&Horns: -+ The Imagined +- - Invitation Only Hunt
❖ Hoodie: [sYs] - POE6 Hunt
❖ Shorts: ::7Style:: - free TAXI
❖ Shoes: .::DMD::. - not free

❖ Poses: The Secret Hideout - Invitation Only Hunt



Good morning people! Today I present you my daily outfit!
I foud that cute dress in Solita store! There is aloso a cute mesh skirt (boho style!)
Let's see details!

Hair: Lelutka - Awe hair (First notice in Subscribe History)
Skin: Mother Goose's - Boomi (1L$)
Shape: Mafalda's - Sayuki Shape (not free - available on Marketplace)
Tipet: Petit Pont - Tipet (MiniKawaiiHunt2013 - no more available)
Dress: [Solita] - Group Gift 16 (free to join)
Headrose: Orsinisun - Hair Rose Beauty


lunedì 2 dicembre 2013

POE6 Jewelry - 1st episode(?!)

Wow over 200 stores in Peace on Earth Hunt 6! And there are a lot of gorgeous jewelry!
Today I found that ones! See you tomorrow with other prizes! :D

1) Kunglers Extra - Bamboo exclusive edition
2) Biensen - Maitai - Ison Earrings
3) EMO-tions: The Promise
4) Chop Zuey - The Lazy Mist set


Dandellion - Peace on Earth 6

I LOVE POEHUNT! I always loved it and this year there are a lot of awesome prizes!
Today I show you that lovely outfit from Topazia!
It includes flying dandellions! This is an easy outfit but very artistic! You can find it at Topazia Main Store, it's very easy to find it (hint: It's a work of art)
So... good luck! :D

Outfit: Topazia for Peace on Earth Hunt 6 - free!
Hair: EMO-tions - Gift 1st December (need group tag - free to join)
Skin: Amacci for Peace on Earth Hunt 6 - free!


Part two of the POE Hunt.

Hair: Lelutka - subscriber gift (first notice in the history)
Necklace: Eclectica Jewellery - POE6 Hunt
Dress: Romance Couture - POE6 Hunt


domenica 1 dicembre 2013

Angels of Peace

Today started the Poe Hunt and this is only the first part.

❖ Hair: Amacci - POE6 Hunt
❖ Skin: Amacci - POE6 Hunt
❖ Jewewllery: +:+WTG+:+ - POE6 Hunt
❖ Dress&Wings: *IW* - POE6 Hunt
❖ Make up: White~Widow - POE6 Hunt


❖ Outfit&Wings: *IW* - POE6 Hunt


Good afternoon! :D Today I want to buy some new hairs but I dunno where and HOW style. (It's a problem! DDD:)
However I found in my inventory this two hair styles from Tram. They are free if you join on group and it's quite difficult to get them xD They're hidden in a chest of drawers and you can find them only with camera tools. (It's beside the shelves of the mesh hairs)


Hair: tram - A330 group gift (free to join)
Skin: al vulo! - Ewa * Kinder Red Brown (group gift - free to join)
Eyes: IKON - old group gift :C
Scarf: Adjunt - Check Snood Scarf (free on Marketplace)
Glasses: -UtopiaH- Pink Mustaches Nerd Glasses (Group Gift)

Hair: A811 group gift (free to join)
Skin: al vulo! - Ewa * Kinder Red Brown (group gift - free to join)
Eyes: IKON - old group gift :C


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