giovedì 31 ottobre 2013

Luas - Little Bones - Ekeruka

Hair: little bones. - Group Gift (Free to join - ceck in the notice)
Skin: Ekeruka - GG (Free to join) 1L$
Dress: Luas Urban - Lucky letter (Need Group - Free to join)
Socks: G.F. - Halloween Gift 0L$
Shoes: Blackburns - 19th Cetury Classic Lace up Booties Black 0L$
Necklace&Bracelets: Haysuriza - Shine of Scales (On of the random prizes of the Black Pumpkin Hunt)


mercoledì 30 ottobre 2013


This cute little dress is a gift, but it is limited to the period of Halloween then you better hurry if you want it, the headband is also a gift of the same shop, unfortunately the eye-mask I think that it is no longer avariable because it was limited to 150 copies. The boots are completely free and you can only find in the marketplace, I recommend you look at the other products because many of them are free or a good price.

❖ Hair: Exile - Precious
❖ Hands: DRD -demonhand
❖ Blood: [ContraptioN] - (HorrorFest Hunt 1L) TAXI
❖ Blush: [ni.ju] - Hime-Yu

❖ Headband: *GF* 2012 Halloween Gift (free) TAXI
❖ Eyes-Mask: (was limited 150) TAXI
❖ Dress: *GF* 2013 Halloween Gift Dress Set (free) TAXI
❖ Stockings: *GF* 2012 Halloween Gift (free) TAXI
❖ Boots: 19th Century Lace-Up Bootie (free) MARKETPLACE

sabato 26 ottobre 2013

Mes Petites Couture

It's ALL Free!

Hair: Calico Pumpkins Hunt (Penny - Halloween) 0L$
Skin: Filthy - Group Gift (Free to join)
Collar: Mes Petites Couture - Subscriber Gift


Calico - Violent Seduction RMK Event

Hello and good weekend to all!
Today I was at Calico Store and I partecipated at the Pumpkin Hunt, a special Calico's event where you can get 20+ hair styles for FREE! In this gorgeous hunt there are the latest six mesh hair! I really love this one: Mantha, but I LOVE hair generally (LOL xD).
Every hair pack include different hair textures as Halloween, Witched, Pumpkin, Spooke and Candy Korn!
But the show must go on!
Every year Zily and I are waiting for RMK's Halloween Event! My outfit is one the prizes you can get at the land!
There are only a few days at the end of the event, what are you waiting for?!


venerdì 25 ottobre 2013

At 2:00 PM you can find this lovely dress in a luckyletter, it's 100% mesh and there are 3 sizes (M, S, XS). There is also a red version!
For win it you have to join in the group (it's free!)

Hurry up!


giovedì 24 ottobre 2013

Pumpkin Costume

The best costume for halloween ever!
This halloween costume is one of the prizes of RMK Hunt and pumpkins are also a prize of this hunt. I won the skin and eyes by two new lucky letter and I think at the store Chus! there are five small pumpkins to find, a small hunt for halloween and the prizes are some poses like the one I used for this photo.

Skin: .::Mother Goose's::. - Lucky Letter (new)
Eyes: Chus! - Lucky Letter (new)

Outfit: ''{ RoA }'' - RMK Hunt
Pumpkins: +Half-Deer+ - RMK Hunt

mercoledì 23 ottobre 2013

Colorful Witch

A short post to show other prizes of the hunt of RMK and I remember that hunting will continue until 31th October.

Hat: DownDownDown 
Dress: :: c.A. :: 

Chiar & Wall Ornament: "La petite fleur" 

lunedì 21 ottobre 2013

Come out and play with us

At the store *Edelweiss* there are lucky letters and a group gift, two of these are school uniforms the light blood version and the heavy, while the others are cute hats with horns in five colors. To take the prizes need the group, but has no costs to join.

Uniform: *Edelweiss* Bloody Sailor (Heavy) (lucky letter)
Headband: *Edelweiss* - Halloween group gift

Uniform: *Edelweiss* Bloody Sailor (Light) (lucky letter)
Headband: *Edelweiss* - Halloween group gift

Sassy! - Gizza - Castellian

Finally I found Sassy!'s store at the Boho Fair! This is the gift, it's mesh and there are 5 different sizes. In my opinion light blue is better than pink (you can find the pink version at Sassy! Mainstore in the LCs), but I thought there were included the pants that were shown in the image presenting a gift... but I was wrong :S
Well, I'm satisfied :) Let's see other details:

Top: Sassy! - Gift of TBCF 2013 (Boho Fair) 0L$
Pants: Gizza - Leather Outfit (Group Gift - Free to join)
Hair: Castellian - Olivia Hair - Gift


Purple Moon - Halloween Gift

Today at Purplemoon there are a lot  of gifts and prizes!
Since today you can get a new Group Gift (Fee to join - 50L$) and a gift for everybody, but it's not all! It's start PM's Hunt. Find 16 black skull and win gorgeous prizes!

I wear:

Outfit: PM - Linda Gown - Halloween Edition GG (Fee to join - 50$L)
Necklace: PM - Venice Necklace - Gift for everybody
Eyes: cStar Limited - Pure eyes Rock (TBCF 2013 0L$)
Skin: Glam Affair - Lulu 02 (old gacha events)
Hair: Truth - Kasia Pumpkin (Reds - 280L$)


domenica 20 ottobre 2013

Bliss Couture - Closing Hunt

Bliss Couture is closing and it started a really cute hunt! There are 50 prizes! I show you some of them that I love. The lace hat and the scarf are adorable and parfect for a Boho style!
The flower top is mesh with 3 sizes! Well... I also found other prizes but not all! Here the ones:


Miss Doll

Today a lot of free stuff and another hunt at *Bliss Couture*, the store will close so everything is discounted at 90% and there is a hunt for free with 50 items!They are spread around the store and are very easy to find, while the dress is the new group gift of Gizza.

Hat: *Bliss Couture* Closing Hunt - Bow Hat (mod) #sorry, I don't remeber the number
Hat2: *Bliss Couture* Closing Hunt -  Lace Hat (Noir) #4
Hair: Exile - Precious
Eyes: Chus!
Make-up01: The Horror! - Creeper Eyeliner (free) TAXI
Make-up02: *Bliss Couture* Closing Hunt - Lace make up #6
Make-up03: [ni.ju] Hime-yu - Only Blush
Dress: Gizza - October Group Gift (free) TAXI
Stocking: *Bliss Couture* Closing Hunt - Lace Leggings (noir) #16

Chop Zuei - Gift for Fabulous free

Chop Zuei: Free earrings for female and male, bracelets, necklace anche pinair! I really love all of them! You don't need any group to get them.
If you want the others gift it's necessary join to the group, its cost is 350L$

Other freebies/GG:
Hair: Tukinogawa - Maria (GG - free to join)

Skin: Heavens Gate Neo - GG Free to join


sabato 19 ottobre 2013

Halloween Bats

This is another prize of RMK Halloween Hunt and it will end on 31th October so hurry if you want to win this wonderful prize.

Headband: +WTG+  **Halloween Bats** - (RMK HUNT)
Eyes: Chus!
Hair: Exile - Precious
Make-up: [ni.ju] - Hime yu

RMK*Halloween Prize!

At RMK you can start a funny hunt. Take the HUD and have fun with a lot of ingredients in order to create many sweets that you will deliver to different characters.
Here there are a lot of information!

I'll say you the truth. This hunt ISN'T EASY. You must be patient and you must have a lot of time if you want to collect all of the prizes. If you'll be lucky you can get a "premium ticket" and with it you can obtain what you want, it's a jolly in few words!

Good luck!


Chrysalis Halloween Group Gift

At Chrysalis there's another free gift for group's member! I really love it because I love Halloween (LOL).
If you don't have Chrysalis' group don't worry! It's free! Hurry up, this gift is available until 31th Oct!

Demonhands: DRD - Demonhands Female - 60L$
Shoes: BM Cachet Pump - Group Gift (I dunno if they're still available)
Hair: Rumina - Alissa Anniversary Gift (with HUD for color change!)
Eyes: + Nightmare Eyes + FREE GIFT

Uhm... let me introduce you! I'm Mafalda and I'll help Zily in her blog with gorgeous postes! :3
Stay awesome!


giovedì 17 ottobre 2013

Toxic Sweets

And after so many toxic sweets I win the prize of Dibula Rose, I think I cried for joy because it was the last ticket I was missing. However, this dress is the prize and I'm really happy to have it.

Hair: Magika (past halloween gift)
Eyes: Chus!
Make-up+Blush+Eyeashes: [ni.ju] Hime yu 
Make-up 2: The Sugar Garden (free, don't need the group)
Knee Tattoo: The Sugar Garden (free, don't need the group)
Dress+Hat: ::Dibula Rose:: (RMK HUNT)
Stockings: *G Field* (free sample)
Candy:  look for apple bobbing and click on apples at RMK Ghotic SIM

Bunny and candy

More prizes of RMK Halloween Hunt! This time the prize is a cute bunny costume of the store LIKKA*HOUSE and I collected these candies at the apple bobbing for free in the RMK Gothic Sim, there are different colors (I don't know exactly how many, it's random) and two types: kitty and ghost.

Eyes: Chus!
Make-up+Blush+Eyeashes: [ni.ju] Hime yu 
Candy: look for apple bobbing and click on apples

Sweet Bite

Finally I finished the RMK Hunt! There are so many great prizes and I would wear them all at the same time, however this cute dress is one of the prizes of the hunt.
Hair: *Dura* - Halloween Group Gift
Dress: Violent Seduction - Nosferatu (Lavender)

Look for candy

La Halloween Hunt at RMK Gothic is start and these are some the prize I win.
Pumpkin: +Half Deer+
Mouth: [ni.ju]

Haunted paintings

Halloween tattoos and more for free! Here: TAXI
In the first painting (free):
Bat: Zyn - Baby Bat Wearing Halloween Hat -
Eyes: + Red Lens+
Tattoo: +Weeping+
Doll: Zyn - Skullie Doll -
In the second painting (free):
Eyes+Tattoo: +Nightmare Eyes+
Mouth: +Mouth Stiching+
Amulet: +Blood Pendant+ (6 colors)
In the third painting (free):
Tears: +Blooby Tears+
Tattoo: +Tintable Kitty Paint+
Headband: Zyn - Kitty Headband - (4 colors)

Happy Halloween

Halloween is coming and this sweet little ghost is an avatar, you can get it as for free sample or you can try your luck at the gacha and win one more particular, even the words "Happy Halloween" and "Trick or treat" it's free. You can find those things at RMK Gothic.
Words: DownDownDown
Ghost avatar: Frozen Night (DDD and this store are located near)
Hat: FATEplay (free at Wizarding Faire 2013)
Skin: .::Mother Goose's::. (lucky letter)
If you don't immediately find the stores in RMK Ghotic when you arrive on your left there is a list of the store in the land with their teleport.

Mommy... where are you?

You can find the dress at ~Sugar Button Boutique ~ for free, also the shoes are free too at Curious Kitties Shop.

Halloween Witch

This is a gruop gift of +RMK+ and includes dress, hat and stockings.

Mad Doll

It's so cute!
The skin and the dress are free from ::DibulaRose::, the first is form a lucky letter, there is also the male version and the dress is free.

Raven Witch

Halloween is coming! I'm so excited and there are so many events and land to visit I don't know where to start, but here is what I am wearing:
Hair: Exile:::Sugar Hight
Eyes: By Snow
Make Up: *Mon Cheri* (past gift at Black Fair)
Horns: FINESMITH - October Group Gift
Collar: Death Row (Part of a complete outfit) - Lucky Letter
Corset: [R] Allure - (free)
Chets Hands: SugarNova - Hunt in the store (free)
Veil: +Lika Ruby+
Skirt: *hysteria creations* - Twisted Hunt
Stockings: +RUI+ (Part of a Rui Maid Dress) - Group Gitf
Shoes: *G Field*
Staff: [The Forge] - Fantasy Gacha Carnival
At the store SugarNova there are so many pumpkins to find, I think 20 in total, but I don't remember the number of the pumpkin where I took the skeleton hands D:

Drink Me

This is a free avatar and if you are lucky you can win it with a lucky letter!
Outfit + shoes + skin + eyes: DRDOLL Alice (lucky letter) also includes a hair and shape -TAXI
Hand: -DRD- Demon Female
Hair: [LeLutka] - Alice (gift)
Ribbon: tram (past gift at Hair Fair)


I won this cute dress from a limited lucky letter to +RMK+ sim (no longer available), but the blush and lip are free at the store of The Sugar Garden and don't need to join the group! :3


Hair: Exile:::Sugar Hight - NEW 
Top: M*Motion - Kiyomizu Hunt 1/2 (free) TAXI
Skirt: M*Motion - Kiyomizu Hunt 2/2 (free) TAXI
Boots: ::Duh!:: - Autumn Effect Hunt (free) TAXI
Scarf: ...Mutresse... (subscriber gift) TAXI
Glasses: *AAA* Glasses black and white (free) TAXI
Nails: Candy Nails (lucky letter) TAXI

Chocolate Boy

Hair: Dura - Unisex**11
Eyes: Chus! (past group gift)
Glasses: *AAA* (free) - TAXI
Accesory + Tattoo: :::DR::: chocolate set (group gift) - TAXI
Coat: *Edelweiss*

White Yukata

This yukata is really cute and it's free! :3
The rabbit mask is unfortunately not available anymore, but here you can try to win the yukata and the geta with two lucky letters ❤
Go here!

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