venerdì 13 dicembre 2013

In the highest tower...

Long long time ago there was a young girl with long blond hair and a delicate and sweet face such as an angel and a witch became insanely jealous of the girl to the point of making her prisoner in the highest tower lost in an enchanted forest.
"No one will ever see you again, so I'll always be the most beautiful!" said the wicked witch and the beautiful maiden never ceased to hope in the arrival of her eternal love, the one who would not have been victim to the charms of the witch and that she would be released and taken away from that prison.

Freebies details:

Wicked witch:
Dress: The White Armory - Group Gift
Skin: Amacci - POE6 Hunt gift

Hair: Iren - Gretel (Group Gift - Free to join)
Eyes: ::sp:: - Sky Eyes (free on Marketplace)

Not free:

Wicked witch:
Hair: Lelutka - Jasmine Hair

Dress: Fables - Fleur de sis
Flower's crown: *Boom* - Nature's Crown - Gacha (50L$)


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