martedì 10 dicembre 2013

Busy Style

Hello my dears! I'm so sorry if I didn't post anything in this period but I'm very busy in RL! I'm the director of two theatre and I have no time because of we're preparing a show.
Well, this is my daily outfit, I simply love my new hair! *-* I always loved reds but this is AWESOME! 50 tones with 250L$ at Chemistry! (Please try demo version! :3) And I love LaVanDa's style!
But let's see daily details!

Hat: RONSEM - J Hat (mesh) ((GG - free to join))
Hair: Chemestry - Sirena hair (HUD2) ((not free))
Blouse: LaVanDa - New Group Gift ((Free to join))
Pants: LaVanDa - Velvet Costee Pants ((past gift))
Shoes: HollyHood - Shoes Nude ((old hunt))
Bag: LaVanDa - Poe6 gift (It's really easy to find it :3 hint in the store!) (FREE)
Glasses: PurpleMoon - Nude Glasses (Old gift)

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