lunedì 30 dicembre 2013

Touch me, play me.

Hi all! This is my last post for this year! I love this eyelashes by #7 *-* I forgot them in my inventory (LOL) and this is the result!
I hope you like my daily style, let's see the details!

Shape: *Mafalda's* - Inazumi's Shape (10L$ on Marketplace )
Skin: GlamAffair - Christmas Group Gift (fee to join 30L$)
Hair: MiaMai - Sakura hair TealParty (gg - free to join)
Tattoo: #7 - Touch me, play me but don't violate me (1L$)
Eyelashes#1: #7 - Clix Lashing (49L$)
Eyelashes#2: LaRosa - Eyelashes (Christmas Advent)
Corset/belt: LpD - Candy top (Wonka's Hunt - 0L$)
Pants: The Secrets Store - Skinny Chocolate Pants (free - hunt)
Shoes: GB - Gladiator Sandals (gg - free to join)

We see in the next year!


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