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Little tips for your photographic ability - Episode 1 :D

Hello to all our friends who follow us on Flickr and on our blog!
For several days Zilypon and I thought to do a series of short posts where you can find simple but excellent advice on how to find your own photographic style! All this may seem difficult, but in reality it takes dedication and good will and a touch of personal taste to make your own masterpieces unique.
In these cases you need to be honest with yourself and admit that it takes a long time and a lot of practice to achieve certain levels and certain satisfactions, in fact, no one is born already omniscient and perfect! So experiment and enjoy!
To be fair we will show you our very first photos uploaded to Flickr... I shudder! D:

As you have seen even our beginnings were not one of the best! However now we come to the heart of our first "episode".
To make beautiful photographs are needed many major factors that can translate into a few simple questions.

  1. What is my style?
  2. What I need / want to photograph?
  3. Who is the "protagonist" of my photos?
  4. White background or setting / scene?
  5. How I get along with projectors?

Well, we respond quickly to these questions!

1. Each of us has a particular way to imagine or create their own photos but the first thing you need to  know is this: been consistent with your style mainly if it is a photo album linked to the fashion world (like the fashion bloggers, for example!), in this context, the utmost importance should be given to the dress or accessory to be displayed and advertised: the photo should be clean and without too many unnecessary details in the background that can weigh down the whole context by removing importance to the main subject.

However, there are people who prefer an environment richer and less like a studio and then they want to make their avatar one of the elements of the place they have chosen. In that case we need to find more of the lands that meet the style that usually prefer, such as urban, peaceful, fantasy or sci-fi, etc.
If you do not have your own land or a skybox the solution is simple: explore.

2. The answer to this question is the simplest of all.

Are you a blogger? Obviously you must show the products that you have to advertise and you must do it in the simplest way possible, don't care to see what you have around (unless they are precisely those things to show!), Focused solely on the subject.

Are you a photographer who wants to capture the best landscapes? Try to find a perfect angle to capture the best of the land, enjoy using zoom-in and zoom-out and use various PhotoTools.

3. As in step #2 the answer does not change, everything relates to what you deem important, you must never forget what is your goal and you have to remember what is your style because a good product is the consistency with which we do recognize it, as it is an autograph of all our work.
The winning photographs are all those who at a glance make us recognize in the midst of all the others!
If you do not know what would be your "trademark" try to experiment with new styles, it's a good thing but this is a topic that certainly will be discussed later.

4. Well, this is a rather complex and we are going to deepen it in the next episodes with some "technical details" for each of these types.

However we can say that the white background, setting or scenes are critical to the success of the picture, why?
The white background is in a sense "neutral" and professional, very clean and versatile if you want to highlight a single subject, the photo with environment is very beautiful but difficult to realize, especially if -like me- you don't like to make radical changes to the photo with Photoshop or similar programs (certain photomanipulation are simply ridiculous and they show how the original snapshoot is below average and poor), And finally there are the photos from plain white background become a small window: these types are difficult because it's a closed environment with many objects that decorate the photo shoot, you have to choose very, very carefully what we want to use to decorate!
Let's see some examples.

5. This is the last point of our post. The projectors are extremely useful for those who want to do quality photos. It serves to increase the shadows in a too dark or closed ambient but it can also serve to create dramatic lighting effects.
Be careful in how you use them, because not always a projector helps us in achieving our jobs if we don't find an angle for the perfect shot, you don't need a front snapshoot with a projector that creates wrong shadows that show defects as large as a palace!

That's all for today!
We hope these little tips can help you bring out the great artist in you and find your style!
In the next episode we will propose and discuss some technical details to be able to capture the best picture with the official viewer and Firestorm!
See you soon and thanks for joining us!

Mafalda & Zily

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