giovedì 29 gennaio 2015

Urban taste


On me:
Hair: Little Bones - Birdie (gg - fee to join)
Head: VCO -
Necklace: JPK - Steampunk Necklace (free @marketplace)
Top: Jazzitude - Belt Bra
Belt dress: Yasum - (GG - free to join)
Bullets belt: DRD - Bullet belt (male) (60L$ @marketplace)
Pants: Pixicat - Rogue

On Zilypon:
Hair: Tableau Vivant (past gg - free to join)
Corset: Yasum - (GG - free to join)
Shorts: !2B!
Bag: [Obscure] (no more available)
Boots: Yasum - (promo sale)
Pins: ALTAIR - (GG - free to join)
Bows head: ALTAIR

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