giovedì 17 luglio 2014

Angel face, Devil heart


Hair: BP* - Bob Hair (100L$ - I modded the color!)
Headdress: Zibska - Ibis Headdress Black (Gacha - 50L$)
Skin: KOOQLA - Nico Moonwalker (GG - fee to join)
Makeup: KOOQLA - Bisquit mk rose (GG - fee to join)
Tattoo: DAPPA - Lotus Tattoo (MOH4)
Outfit: B@R - Black Swan Harpy (190L$ - I modded the color!)
Hands: DRD - Demonhands female (60L$)
Golden Shoulders: aisling - Lady of Highgarden (Gacha - 50L$)
Skull: Contraption - Two odd skull (past GG - free to join)


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