giovedì 15 dicembre 2016

On my knees

I'm wearing:
Hair: Little Bones - Mara (@Collabor88)
Mesh head: CATWA - Jessica
Head applier: Lara Hurley (old group gift)
Corset: Birdy. Cabaret - Silver (gacha @The Arcade)
Socks: WEON - gift @Marketpplace
Fur stole: Luas - Ice Princess (gacha @Midwinter Fair)
Shoes: KC Couture - Mina
Necklace: Lassitude&Ennui - Stacked Pearls (old gift)

Chair: Birdy. Cabaret - Corset Chair (gacha @The Arcade)
Golden Mirrors: Birdy. Cabaret Mirror (gacha @The Arcade)
Branch: anc. - Camellia Branch Purple (gacha @The Arcade)
Candles: Yasum - Floor candles (old Advent Calendar Gift)


mercoledì 23 novembre 2016

Red satin

I'm wearing:

Headdress: [Noble Creations] - The Duchess Headpiece (available @Cosmopolitan)
Choker: Rowne - Ertel Pearl Choker (Group Gift - Fee to join)
Hair: TRUTH - Sugar (bangs) (Group Gift - Fee to join)
Head: CATWA - Jessica Mesh Head
Lipstick: Essences - Catwa Lipsticks (Free @MP)
Body: Maitreya Lara Mesh Body


mercoledì 24 agosto 2016

Tell me a Secret

I'm wearing:

Hair: CATWA - Lazy (A)
Top: =Zenith= - Secret Agent Bra (gacha @Whismical)
Hearness: Sakide - Meril Dress (old gacha)
Panties: Pseudo - Chloe Panty (black) (@Kustom9)
Shoes: SHEY - Tres Q
Fur Boa: Kaithleen - Fur Boa (old hunt)
Shoulders & Collar: .ET. - Showstar (gacha)


sabato 13 agosto 2016


I'm wearing:

Hair: Soonsiki - Rat!
Crown: May's soul & Antielle - Desdemona (ULTRARARE) (gacha)
Collar, sleeves and pauldrons: [NC] - The Witched Witch (@Enchantment!)
Hand: RO - The Illusionist Mancers Ord RARE (gacha)
Dress: *Dirty Princess* - Beautiful Society Princess Gown


lunedì 8 agosto 2016


On left:
Hair: EMBW - Hi hair (Naturals)
Crown&Dress: !dm - Namika Fuji Morning *RARE* (gacha @FGC)

On right:
Hair: EMBW: Hi hair (Naturals)
Head fan: !dm - Amidala Ornamented FanHairsticks (gacha)
Outfit: =Zenith= - Xiang Mo blue set (gacha @FGC)

Location: JOMO Mainstore

sabato 6 agosto 2016


I'm wearing:

Hair: Sentinus Hair
Body: Maitreya
Dress: Diram
Shoes: R.icielli

Location: Vintage Romance


lunedì 1 agosto 2016

White essence

I'm wearing:

Head: CATWA - Jessica Head
Hair: CATWA - Princess
Flower: Chemistry - Tamora (part of hari)
Lingerie: *BE Designs* - Renee
Fur stole: T.whore - Teese fur stole
Necklace: Junbug - Lucrezia's Bauble (gacha)

Apple Fall


domenica 24 luglio 2016

Happiness is a hug

I'm wearing:

Hair: Magika - Honey Whiskey (50% SALE!)
Skin: Tableau Vivant - Echo skin 3
Shirt: ::K:: - Band collar Shirt Yellow
Jeans: *COCO* - Skinny Jeans (group gift - free to join)

Pose: Le Poppycock - Puppy Therapy (old hunt)


mercoledì 20 luglio 2016

Crimson Red

Helmet: [NC] - Kurama Samurai (@Okinawa)
Kimono: [NC] - Ujio Kimono & Hakama (@Okinawa)


lunedì 4 luglio 2016

A step in the Dark

I'm wearing:

Head: CATWA Head Jessica
Body: Maitreya Lara Mesh Body
Hair: Tableau Vivant - Starry night - Windy (gacha)
Collar: [NC] - Dominant Collar (available @We <3 RP)
Body Harness: [D'eVil] - Harness (FREE @Marketplace)
Shoes: KC - Olympus
Ring: GABRIEL - Curb chain (group gift)

Stairs: [NC] - Fantasy stairs


mercoledì 25 maggio 2016

The dark Lord

I'm wearing:

Crown&Hood: [NC] - The Witch King Mask (@RFL)
Shoulders: [NC] - Ercules Pauldrons
Gloves: [NC] - Legend of Warrior (@FGC)

Thank you so much Niki89 ♥


martedì 17 maggio 2016


Hello my dears! I'm back! (I think xD) I really like this outfit because it's spring! The best season of the year! And this photo was choosen for "The Enchantment's Photo of the Day"!
I'm so glad to see my creation in this event! Thank you so much Sorchiee!

I'm wearing:

Hair: Exile - City Princess
Skin: AlVulo - Ewa (old gift)
Shape: M&Z - Petronia (@marketplace)
Headpiece: LODE (gacha)
Collar&Bracer: .aisling.
Outfit: Tabou Irresistible - @The Enchantment

Location: StoryBrooke


domenica 17 aprile 2016


I'm wearing:

Hair: Olive
Helmey: [] Trap []
Halo: +CURELESS+ (@The Epiphany)
Hands: +CURELLES+ (@The Epiphany)
Right Leg: +CURELESS+ (@The Epiphany)
Left Leg: *QweenB* (@The Epiphany)
Tattoo: +CURELESS+ (@The Epiphany)

Location: INSILICO South

domenica 13 marzo 2016

Pearls in the air

I'm wearing:

Hair: Exile - City Princess
Head: Genesis.Lab - Alice (relax) (gacha)
Dress: Moonligh Inside - Violet Formal Dress (fatpack) (@Marketplace)
Stole: T.Whore - Diva Fur Stole White
Shoes: KC Couture - Mina

Location: The Outer Garden


sabato 27 febbraio 2016


On Aalim:
Hair: Dura
Skin: Tableau Vivant
Sweater: ::Gabriel::
Jeans: COCO Design (Group Gift - Free to join)
Shoes: [BLK2.0] (gacha - rare)

On Arthur:
Hair: Dura
Jacket: ::Gabriel::
Pants: A.S.S

Sofa: [NC] - Natural Sofa Bed (@Lost&Found)
Mirror: [NC] - Floor Wood Mirror (25L$ Tuesday @NC Mainstore)


sabato 13 febbraio 2016

Princess Unicorn

I'm wearing:

Crown: [NC] - Princess Unicorn (@[NC]Mainstore - Enchantment gift hunt)
Necklace: [NC] - Crystal Necklace (@[NC]Mainstore - Enchantment gift hunt)
Hair: Tameless (old gift)
Dress: Junbug: Boudoir's dress - Group gift (fee to join)
Sleeves: .aisling. - Phryne white (gacha @FGC)


lunedì 8 febbraio 2016


I'm wearing:

Hair1: Tableau Vivant - Circe
Hair2: D!va - Group gift (free to join)
Outfit: .aisling. - Phryne (gacha @TFGC)
Collar: .aisling. - Phryne (RARE gacha @TFGC)
Necklace: .aisling. - Lady of Highgarden (RARE gacha @mainstore)
Crown: .aisling. - Sumiana Gold

Location: The Outer Garden


sabato 6 febbraio 2016

Venezia 02

Head: Genesis Lab - Alice Head (gacha)
Body: Maitreya - lara Body
Shawal: The Secret Store - Winter Shawl (gacha)
Mask: !dM -Piume e Fiori (gacha RARE)
Headpiece: *LODE* - Iris (gacha RARE)
Mantle: The Secret Store - Harpy Mantle
Corset: !dM - LaCatrina (gacha RARE)
Lingerie: BLOKC -  Rose Lace Lingerie
Gloves: "TWA" - Auld Lang Syne 2015 (part of outfit)
Mask 02: ^^SWALLOW^^ - (L$1)

venerdì 5 febbraio 2016

Old Bookcase

Boockcase: [NC] - Old Bookcase
Curtain: [NC] - Curtains set
Chair: [NC] - Deer chair
Stairs: [NC] - Medieval stairs
Globe: [NC] - World Globe
Table and kit: [NC] - Medical Kit


mercoledì 3 febbraio 2016


Head: Genesis Lab - Head Alice (gacha)
Eyes: S0NG - (past free gift)
Body: Maitreya - Lara Body
Hair 01: CATWA - Princess Hair
Hair 02: Curio Obscura - Stackable Hairstyle (gacha)
Mask: MELONopolis - (Jack or Jill Hunt)
Mantle: The Secret Store - Harpy Mantle

Location: Venezia

venerdì 29 gennaio 2016

My pleasure, your blood

On me:

Hair: Magika - Friday
Mesh head: GenesisLab. - Alice 04 (gacha)
Dress: Pixicat - Siren Long (rare) (gacha @The Epiphany)
Collar: VRSION - old group gift
Fur Boa: Kaithleen's Fur Boa (hunt 2L$)

On Zily:

Hair#1: boon
Hair#2: D!va (group gift - free to join)
Mesh head: GenesisLab. - Alice 05 (gacha)
Dress: Pixicat - Siren Short (rare) (gacha @The Epiphany)
Mask: !dm - Shibari rose (rare) (gacha)
Boots: SHEY - group gift (free to join)

Mafalda & Zily ♥

giovedì 14 gennaio 2016

Amazon Warrior

• I'm wearing •

Crow: [Noble Creations] - Amazon Warrior @The Secret Affair
Hair: *Besom* - Aries
Top: Pixicat - Siren (black) [@Epiphany]
Fur stole: T.Whore - Teese Fur


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